Leadership and Community Action

Scottie Climate Stort Profile: Gwyn Rush

The Scottie Climate Stories were submissions to a course (PH/ESS 202) taught by Dr. Viniece Jennings entitled ‘Environmental and Public Health Communication.’

The course focuses on communication practices and theories related to public health, the environment, and sustainability. It includes a particular emphasis on strategies for promoting behavior change as well as empowering individuals and communities. Storytelling is a technique used in the course to achieve its goals and learning objectives.

In this assignment, students were tasked to develop questions, conduct an interview and write an article geared to a lay audience. The task also developed an understanding of how personal experiences of the interviewee influence their knowledge, beliefs and actions related to climate change. “Scotties have powerful stories of passion and resilience,” shares Dr. Jennings, “this project allowed students to learn about those stories and be the conduit to share them with the world. They have powerful experiences that inform their perspectives, leadership approach and overall educational experience.”

Author, Mackenzie Mitchell (she/her), Agnes Scott College ’23 is from Atlanta, Georgia.

“I am a public health major and I wanted to take a course that would touch on both public health as well as community engagement and communication. While I do not have a direct interest in environmental sustainability studies, I recognize that public health and the environment are very much connected. This course was primarily a source of fruitful information that I otherwise would not have gotten. I came out of it with a better understanding of how the environment and public health are connected as well as effective communication strategies when attempting to reach a large number of people.”